KIRIGAMI is the Japanese word for the art of designing paper. The etymology of the word comes from the Japanese "kiru" - cut and "gami" - paper. KIRIGAMI has its roots in the seventh century, when the paper has been extremely valuable and KIRIGAMI motifs used in the temples for offerings to the gods.
KIRIGAMI is an art of designing and cutting the paper into the desired shape, unlike origami, where the paper can be only folded.
Symmetry and logic are extremely important. True KIRIGAMI artists must be one with precision, as well as elegance and serenity.


Today KIRIGAMI is widespread throughout the world, the paper is accessible to everyone and making paper designs is not anymore high art, but represents also a popular hobby for many people.
Contemporary KIRIGAMI found its niche in making 3D "pop-up" cards, which are a hit around the world. For cutting cards they use laser nowadays, but folding and gluing the paper (sometimes even sewing), is still done only manually, therefore, it can take a few hours before certain 3D cards are finished.